Chambersburg Family Town Homes, Chambersburg, PA

That's Why We Develop

PIRHL’s drive to create community impact has helped the company earn national recognition. As a full-service real estate development firm, PIRHL assists municipal and community-based partners from the concept through completion of single family and multi-family affordable housing.

Approach and Process:

PIRHL’s approach is predicated on leveraging the unique skills and perspectives of its local community-based partners. Each partner brings insights that make our developments better. The local perspective may take the form of an additional layer of asset management, organic marketing, personal relationships with renters, nuanced understanding of local socio-economic factors, long standing partnerships with social service providers, or municipal relationships - all of which help to ensure a stronger, more cohesive development that performs better over the long term. By creating meaningful partnerships with some of the most highly accomplished non-profit housing developers in the business, PIRHL’s developments are invariably more exceptional. Our process is built on the thorough analysis, transparency and a commitment to the long term viability of each development.

PIRHL provides comprehensive real estate services, including the following:

  • Origination of project concept
  • Land negotiation and acquisition
  • Due Diligence: Assessing the viability of a project
  • Financial underwriting / structuring Completion of LIHTC, HOME, FHLB, CDBG and other financing source applications
  • Pre-development loans into the project partnership
  • Pre-construction project management: coordination of architectural, MEP, civil, and land development entitlement process pre-award and pre-construction capital
  • Asset Management