George Street Commons

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George Street Commons

York, Pennsylvania

Address: 231 South George Street
Number Units: 28
Type: Family Townhomes
Completion Date: 2013
Total Development Cost: $7,400,000
Developer: YCDC & PIRHL
General Contractor: PIRHL
Architect: RDL Architects


PIRHL, in partnership with the York Community Development Corporation (“YCDC”), developed George Street Commons (“GSC”), a mixed-use development that redeveloped an under-utilized, and partially vacant, city block at the southern gateway to York’s city center. GSC contains 28 newly constructed town homes and a 1,700 square-foot community center which houses the development’s management office, distance learning center, and supportive service activity space. George Street Commons is financed primarily through the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency utilizing Federal Housing Tax Credits (LIHTCs) and through the City of York’s HOME Fund program.

GSC is consistent with the core policy objectives of the City’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan and assists in the implementation of its corresponding action strategies. In the last ten years, $281 million of public/private investment has been made within the Downtown Revitalization District with more than $10 million of development commencing in 2011. GSC leveraged these substantial investments, stimulating additional growth.

In conjunction with GSC, a separate but related entity with 2,000 square-feet of commercial space contiguous with GSC was also built. This commercial space, was funded 100% through non-PHFA resources, and was designed for a local community-based grocery store.

GSC departs from the traditional natural gas powered forced air heating and cooling system typically installed in new residential development. In its place, GSC invested in a proven, highly energy-efficient and geothermal heat pump system. This renewable energy system utilizes ground water, pumped into the building from a series of wells, and then directed through a loop system with an extended range heat pump. GHPS uses the constant temperature of the earth as the exchange medium instead of the outside air temperature which reduces the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a room. Through the use of this geothermal system in conjunction with other green features such as energy star appliances, windows, and light fixtures, GSC anticipates saving 50% in total annual energy costs.

In order to foster personal growth and financial empowerment, the YMCA utilizes its substantial supportive service network to tailor comprehensive yet individualized services for each household. During the 15-year Compliance Period GSC will also gear services to facilitate resident transition to homeownership – physically (how to change a furnace filter or light bulb), financially (job preparedness/budget training/credit counseling), and emotionally (problem solving and managing the responsibility of homeownership).


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