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New Community Place

Cleveland, Ohio

Address: 7700 Woodland Avenue
Number Units: 147
Type: Family Housing
Completion Date: 2013/2014
Total Development Cost: $20,400,000
Developer: Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc., The Orlean Company and PIRHL
General Contractor: PIRHL
Architect: City Architecture


PIRHL, in partnership with Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. and The Orlean Company will preserve, modernize and fundamentally transform 147 housing units in one of Cleveland’s poorest neighborhoods. New Community Place is a Project Based Section 8 preservation development that will markedly enhance the quality of life for 147 extremely low income families within the Central and Kinsman planning districts of Cleveland’s Ward 5.

Located at 7700 Woodland Avenue, at the corner of East 79th Street, Community Apartments is a highly dense, aging, energy inefficient and near operationally infeasible property in dire need of investment. Community Apartments suffers at its core from a dysfunctional building layout and site plan from the 1950s. Additionally, the nearby, partially-vacant Hill Place townhome development further blights the neighborhood as it sits in close proximity to significant investment and revitalization. PIRHL, BBC, and Orlean have come together to fundamentally re-imagine Community Apartments and Hill Place as they currently exist.

New Community Place (NCP) will combine and rehabilitate these two adjacent apartment complexes. The synthesis of Community Apartments and Hill Place will resolve issues of functional obsolescence, blight, and vacancy along a three-block stretch of Woodland Avenue. The Community Apartments campus will be de-densified from 147 to 103 units after reconfiguration and extensive rehabilitation has occurred. By effectively collapsing three existing townhome units into two, the remaining townhomes will increase by an average of 328 square feet each and become highly functional, energy efficient, modern units. Selective demolition will open up the campus, which will be further enhanced with landscaping, walking paths, tot lots, peripheral parking and a new 2,100 square foot club house. Eight, decaying common laundry rooms will be demolished and replaced with new handicapped accessible flats.

The 44 units being removed from the Community Apartments’ campus will be replaced one-for-one at the adjacent Hill Place development. Through the de-densification of Community Apartments and the annexation of Hill Place, the proposed New Community Place creates 40,000 square feet of additional, amenity rich living space that is highly-functional for the existing families.

There will be no permanent displacement of residents during this rehabilitation project, only temporary relocation on site so resident families will not experience displacement, nor will they be moved off-campus during the rehabilitation period.

Construction for New Community Place began late in 2013 with new units coming available early in 2014. New Community Place will recreate a healthy, innovative, bright, sustainable, and supportive, services-rich physical environment to help breathe new life into developments derailed by time and changes in the economy.

This $20MM development is financing largely with equity from the sale of affordable housing tax credits, City of Cleveland Housing Trust Funds, State of Ohio HDAP funds, and a conventional first mortgage.


Burten, Bell, Carr, Development, Inc.
The Orlean Company