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Water Tower Place Apartments

Elkhart, Indiana

Address: 320 LaSalle Street
Number Units: 52
Type: Senior Housing
Completion Date: 2008
Total Development Cost: $7,170,000
Developer: PIRHL & LaCasa
General Contractor: PIRHL
Architect: ADA Architects


PIRHL, in collaboration with LaCasa, Inc., developed Water Tower Place Apartments, a 52 unit apartment community reserved for seniors age 55 and over. This special needs development is financed primarily through the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) utilizing Federal Housing Tax Credits (LIHTCs), HOME funds and a 10-year Tax Abatement.

Located on a series of previously vacant residential infill parcels, Water Tower Place contains one, two, and three bedroom units ranging from 675 to 875 to 1,075 square feet respectively. The building also includes over 2,000 square feet of dedicated common space including a business center with computers and free internet access, a fitness room with exercise equipment, and a large community room that opens onto a broad outdoor patio.

Water Tower Place Apartments is a sophisticated development serving a number of senior special needs populations that earn 60% or less of the Area Median Income for Elkhart County, IN. Within this building, 10% of the units are fully handicapped accessible, 2% of the units are equipped for visually and sensory impaired residents, 10% of units are reserved for senior residents with a chronic mental health disorder, and an additional 5% of the units are reserved for seniors who are at-risk of homelessness.

To support the significant and diverse needs of our at-risk residents, Water Tower Place leverages its strategic alliance with Family Services of Elkhart County, the Faith Mission of Elkhart and the Oaklawn Psychiatric Center to provide referral and case management services. More generally, the development is proud to offer a unique and exceptional mix of supportive services promoting the physical, emotional, and intellectual health of its residents. Programming is geared to prevent isolation, to combat the regressive and degenerative trappings found in some senior homes and, to offer opportunities for recreation, health & fitness, culture & arts, education, and volunteerism. The development also offers intergenerational programming that can link our senior residents with elementary-aged children from the neighboring Washington Gardens and with students from the Elkhart Community Schools.


LaCasa, Inc