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General Contracting

Architect Checking Plans


PIRHL Contractors plays a critical role in each phase of a project. Given the complexity of developments funded through tax credits, PIRHL's integrated approach can make a significant difference in the successful execution of a project. 

PIRHL's general contracting arm is involved from concept and due diligence, through cost estimation and design, through implementation and close out. 

Experience has taught us that a successful development effort depends heavily on good communication. Carefully stress testing assumptions up front and early on, PIRHL Contractors can take the lead in helping a project realize its intended vision while minimizing cost. 

Procurement & Compliance

PIRHL is responsible for procuring all aspects of the construction contracting process which includes material and product selections, hiring qualified contractors through a formal bidding process and meeting pre-determined goals for MBE/WBE/Section 3 (if applicable).

PIRHL works to ensure all regulations and wage standards are met through procurement of labor, materials and equipment.


General Contracting

PIRHL assigns a dedicated Project Manager and on-site Project Superintendent to manage the construction of each project.

The Project Manager and on-site Construction Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents are in constant communication regarding construction activities, scheduling and performance of subcontractors, and delivery of materials and equipment.

PIRHL's investment in a leading Construction Management Software platform enables the team to seamlessly coordinate the logistics of each project while communicating closely with development team partners. 

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